Deputy Project
  China Conserves energy lamp net advertising
Services available to agents
network China Conserves energy lamp net will carry out your business to support the agents in the business development around the problems will be helped as much as possible and resolved.

agents to assist the completion of various parts of the various types of server business, the Chinese energy-saving lamps will be the largest network of agents working to protect the legitimate rights and interests in various aspects to help you to complete various types of server business.
price supports - Agents will be available to the China Conserves energy lamp net ad network price support benefits.

Conditions for agents to join

1: having legal personality of the business entities, civil liability can be independent and to produce his company s business license or a copy. (Not including personal, individual industrial and commercial households, the individual partners)

  2: to engage in the Internet or computer-related services, or have such services or products to its client base and sales channels, in the local or the industry have a certain visibility and reputation
3: China Conserves energy lamp net must accept its network audit, supervision and guidance; acceptance network in China Conserves energy lamp net "Deputy clause"
4: completely familiar with China Conserves energy lamp net advertising network features, prices and business practices
5: those who want to promote the development of local Internet and have the necessary professionals and network facilities
6: China Conserves energy lamp nets network with recognized knowledge and skills related to the level of service with good customer service capabilities and experience.