If we carefully study these fresh energy
Date Posted£º2007-4-9 11:37:16
Washington, who lives in the urban community shared the elderly float brief Parthenocissus tree there, 15 years old, Washington began to spread from the second floor of the shared home west of the 10-meter-high walls, the walls and windows have surrounded the north, also climbed to the balcony of his home east lateral eight meters in length. Parthenocissus like a large parasols, shading in the summer time for the housing, also comfortable than air conditioning. It shared the elderly in Washington, in 1986 to live with him is the Eto Street. 1991, the city hope that we do a good job in three-dimensional green. Andrew Sheng Jin Exposed to the sun in the west side of the wall by the sun, especially hot summer on the west side of the room. To cool down the west wall and landscaping (the first floor of his house, then west to flower), Parthenocissus Washington shui trees planted trees would be planted. Initially, Parthenocissus "drink" very strong, daily watering, and the next two weeks or so to point out urea. Who knows next year, the Rising Parthenocissus tree actually take root. He has grown Parthenocissus trunks cut low to give up long Parthenocissus. Later, Washington shui to build a small storage room¡¯s flower beds, Parthenocissus was covered up by the roots. Washington opened the storage room Jin told reporters : "Parthenocissus Chan, consciously ascent. I also climbed to the balcony to the east of home landscaping. It was only two years ago when students played an insect. I spent some time catching off empty, no suffered from any disease. "Parthenocissus annual August, October swap two leaves deciduous season, Washington shui often have to maintain clean sweep, but to the cool summer. Washington Jinshui value for money in the family. Now is summer, Sheng Jin Shi point Parthenocissus fertilizer every 10 days to the point of pouring water. Washington Jinshui now estimated to have grown up outside of Parthenocissus roots underneath the road, because even if the heat has not how watered. natural rainfall can moisten it. Jin did not let the elderly disappointed Parthenocissus Washington, the west side of the wall¡¯s "live", encountered sunny days, Many people felt the west side are tanned by the sun, but his family is still cool. Occupy the first floor of the site, Parthenocissus continues its "area" and then deleted branches extended to the third floor. Now, three green Parthenocissus became a scene of shared Washington¡¯s "Beautiful" "Our family home to fresh air obvious than others. "Washington¡¯s daughter, Jin said. "We met with neighbors say really beautiful. Some neighbors at home shading cloth shelters, will be applied when the wind. I can behaved Parthenocissus family, stay firmly on the wall. "
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