The power source pollutes government
Date Posted£º2007-4-9 11:39:58
In the power equipment movement question and the breakdown, usually all are because the electrical network electricity parameter undulation or the instantaneous disturbance cause, like; The voltage undulation, the surge impact, the overtone, three-phase not balanced, the power factor excessively is low, lacks moves and so on. Since long ago, these cause the equipment movement breakdown, the service work load increase and Consumption growth the electrical bill situation receives the user and the power supply department¡¯s widespread attention.
    In recent years, the electrical network Central Africa linear load gradual increase was the world common tendency, like the frequency conversion actuation or the crystal thyratron rectification direct current actuation equipment, the computer, important negative I used the UPS (UPS), conserved energy the fluorescent lamp system and so on, these non-linearitys
The load will cause the electrical network pollution, the electric power quality to drop, causes for the current collector breakdown, even 5; Sends the serious fire accident and so on. In the world arise suddenly the fire including our country some buildings to prove and the electric power pollution concerns.
    The electric power pollution and the electric power quality worsen mainly displays in: The voltage undulation, the surge impact, the overtone, three-phase are not balanced and so on.
       The power source pollutes harm
    The power source pollution can cause the serious harm to the current collector, including: Disturbance electronic installation the and so on communication equipment, computer system normal work, creates the data missing or dying machine; Affects equipment the and so on transmit by radio system, radar system, nuclear magnetic resonance operating performance, creates the noise jamming and the picture disorder; Causes the electrical automatic device misoperation, even has the serious accident; Causes the electrical equipment heat, the vibration and the noise enlarges, the acceleration insulation gets older, the service life reduces, even breaks down or burns down and so on.

    Linear load, for example pure resistance load, its operating current profile and input voltage sine profile quite same not less than; Non-linear load, for example carrier DC load, its operating current right and wrong sine profile. The traditional linear load electric current/voltage only includes the fundamental wave
(50 hertz), not or only have the minimum harmonic components, but the non-linear load can produce the considerable overtone in the electrical power system.
    In the overtone and the electrical power system the base other superimposition, creates the profile the distortion, the distortion degree is decided by the harmonic current frequency and the peak-to-peak value. The non-linear load produces the steep pulse electric current, but is not the smooth sinusoidal current, in this kind of pulse harmonic current causes the electrical network voltage distortion, forms the harmonic component, then causes other loads which unites with the electrical network to produce the more harmonic current.
    The computer is one of this kind of non-linear loads, likes the overwhelming majority office electronic installation to be same, the computer is loaded with a diode/electric capacity electric power supply, this kind of electric power supply only produces the electric current in the exchange sine voltage peak value place, therefore produces the massive triple frequencies electric current (150 hertz). Other produce the harmonic current equipment mainly to have: The electric motor frequency conversion velometer, the solid state heater and other some produce the nonsine wave change electric current equipment.

      The power source pollutes government
    In the modern electrical power system sophisticated electronics, like the computer, the control system need to stabilize the high quality power line voltage, is day by day serious along with the electric power contamination concern, the various countries leaves in abundance gathers the government measure and the correlation standard, the pair process electric power pollution equipment proposes the explicit limit.
    Or awaits construction in the electrical network electric power pollution situation regarding the existing power supply network, must carry on the careful analysis, the usual solution method has two. One is the partial reorganization electrical network structure, the separation or the isolation produces the electric power pollution equipment; Two, uses the power source to purify the filter equipment to carry on the government, the usual voltage harmonics is produces by the current harmonics, effectively suppresses the current harmonics to be able to enable the voltage distortion to meet the requirements the scope. The domestic and foreign very many units started the government which takes the power source to pollute, the investment install the power source to purify the filter installment, obtained enhanced the power source quality and the energy conservation dual effect.
    At present, the power source pollutes the government mainly has following several methods: The series connected reactor, the active filter compensate, the passive filter compensates, the increase rectifier unit counts, installs each kind of surge absorption protective device (for example arrester and so on).
    The passive filter compensates is the practical application most, the effect is better, the price lower solution, it including three kind of fundamental modes: Series connected filter, parallel filter and low pass filter (string and mix). Series filter mainly is suitable for the triple frequency government; The low pass filter mainly is suitable for the higher harmonic government; The parallel filter is one kind of synthesis installment, it may filter many times the overtone, simultaneously provides the system the reactive power, is applies the most widespread power source to purify the filter installment. But, in recent years, along with the electric power electronic technology development, the active filter compensated the technology day by day maturely, and obtained the widespread application, compared traditional the passive filter to compensate the system, it had the function many, compatibility good and speed of response quick and so on merit, simultaneously, along with the price unceasing drop, the application day by day will be common.

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