lamp price high hindrance popularization
Date Posted£º2007-4-9 11:42:00
Recently visited in peace the building materials building and so on several cities lamps and lanterns cities, the author has noted, conserves energy the customer which the lamp sells in front of the stall to be scattered, the sale is inferior to the ordinary light bulb. In the interview, many residents indicated that, conserved energy the lamp price too to be high!

Conserves energy the lamp brightness to be allowed to achieve the ordinary light bulb above 5 times, for instance 9 tiles energy conservation lamps may send out are equal to 50 tiles ordinary lamps luminous; Conserves energy the lamp long the life, the quality is good, may persist for 12 years, but the ordinary lamp generally only can use for 23 months. But conserves energy the lamp the price also to be much more expensive. The domestically produced brand calculated conserves energy in the lamp cheap, also takes 120 Yuan, but in feeling brightness is slightly low, moreover the quality also slightly misses; Compared with famous import brand, oral traditions quite good, was more expensive.

But, the author also heard the complaint sound, similarly chose Ms. Wang which conserved energy the lamp to say:¡°Our families all conserve energy the lamp, because conserves energy! Its brightness is higher than the ordinary light bulb. But after has opened cannot immediately on the pass, therefore we now train all do not dare conveniently to close the lamp, beforehand Guan Huaihao several.¡±

But more customers still choose buy the ordinary lamp, mainly or because the soaring price lets everybody shrink back at the sight. Aunt Zhang said that,¡°Continuously uses the ordinary light bulb, conserves energy the lamp although province Money but is also expensive.¡±Some customers all hold this kind of viewpoint: Ordinary light bulb more than dollars, bad have been bad. Conserves energy the lamp if catches up with a quality badly, one is bad, 120 Yuan did not have!

The author afterwards inquired some vendors, they all very definitely said, conserves energy the lamp far not ordinary lamp to be able to curry favor with. The vendors indicated in abundance that, the majority customer still thought conserves energy the lamp was lives the very far thing to oneself, on the one hand was buys the ordinary lamp to form a habit; On the one hand was conserves energy the lamp price too high, an energy conservation lamp could save how many Money, also was very difficult to reckon up. Therefore conserves energy the lamp the sales not warm not fire. Some professionals stated that, conserves energy the lamp the universal use, but also waits for the correlation department to put out the practical measure to carry on the promotion.
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