Summer Energy Saving family book
Date Posted£º2007-4-9 14:02:42
In midsummer, the human body needs to cool down, but we like crazy turn of the switch is also under high temperature cool down?. Energy, there is family history, the small keys that are user-friendly, if used efficiently Summer strained urban power grids really heading? Now the book is selected SKIU : AC power saving : Matching area purchasing power of the temperature suitable for air-conditioned room to consider the most appropriate size of a few aspirin, 1 aspirin for 12 square meters and 18 square meters for 150 horses, two horses for 28 square meters. 250 horses for 40 square meters. Summer air conditioning set at 26 ° C to 28 ° C temperature, which is the most appropriate body temperature, it is not easy to cold, more practical energy saving. Refrigerator : to reduce the number of storage switches used refrigerators should not drive to reduce the number of switches, each open to shorten the time; food stored in the refrigerator should not be too full, the refrigerator with food and food between the walls should stay above 10 cm gap to facilitate the refrigerator cold air convection, reduce electricity consumption; rehousing refrigerator, it must elapse are gaps between the wall and the back. This represents close to 20% of energy-saving wall every day. Wen boiled ahead ELUTRIATING RICE : electric cookers immediately after plugs promote the best use of electric cookers ELUTRIATING RICE ahead with tepid water or cooking water. This power saving can be used immediately after extraction of 30% electric cookers plugs, vinegar and the temperature dropped to below 70 ° C, It will automatically intermittent electricity, we will shorten the life -- fees.
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