Energy-saving home appliances intelligently¡¯d trap
Date Posted£º2007-4-9 14:04:06
Energy-saving home appliances products "identity" to enforce the year, according to the relevant regulations issued by the state. air conditioners and refrigerators, two major categories of household electrical appliances must be affixed with "energy efficiency labels" can offer for sale. Drew attention to the needs of consumers, individual manufacturers in the technical resources and financial strength. They do not have the quality of products, "energy efficiency", keen to fight the "edge ball" to confuse the concept of as real means to confuse consumers. Experts remind consumers to buy energy-saving home appliances to beware of the four trap : 1. vague concept of the daily consumption of refrigerators and refrigerator not only the effective volume, but also with the use of the environment, the number of open doors. Memory numerous factors such as the number and type of items related to discard these factors only propaganda daily consumption, has little significance. Second, publicizing their products bluff certain number of energy-saving technologies, energy-saving reasons. trying to exaggerate the number of energy-saving technologies to confuse consumers, but not that energy-saving effect has yet to produce an authoritative department, or authentication data. Therefore, when consumers to buy energy-saving home appliances, and do not just look at the number of energy-saving technologies. should consider whether any energy-saving effect of the experimental data. 3. ineffective marketing contrast can be seen everywhere in the air-conditioning, for instance, a similar figure to buy a horse or two horses of a certain brand of 1.5 Festival can be air-conditioned, if the average six to eight hours per day, saving electricity a year from 1600 to 2000 yuan, the use of two years, The money can be saved by air conditioning energy saving 50,000 yen. Such figures contrast, the view from the surface seems to be "convincing" But in essence, it is wishful thinking -- and if the air conditioning would come from six to eight hours every day? Fourth, a similar attempt to take two non-standard comparison, First, its purpose is to make consumers have been attracted by its misleading content, and then have the desire to buy. Earlier, some Plasma TVs in the advertising went so far as to declare that "power consumption is less than ordinary lamps." The promotion is the big explained : "We are Plasma TVs use one hour a day. lamp used eight hours a day to 170. "
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