Small household energy proposals
Date Posted£º2007-4-9 14:05:46
1, and each carrying their water cups, convenience and health.
2, using energy-saving lamps; Indoor air-conditioned summer of not less than 26 degrees Celsius, which can greatly reduce energy consumption.
3, using hand-made to bring their own lunches, disposable tableware to say "no."
4, when the flow of brushing teeth, even dropper, 10 tons of water a day will be left out.
5, used his own e-shopping bag or a disposable plastic bag need 600 years to decay.
 6, homemade juice is not only healthy but also reduce water and electricity industries.
7, eat fresh fruits and meat, the choice of quality packaging to extend shelf life and prevent food spoilage and increase litter.
8, and the microwave heating and cooking food, gas can be reduced pollution and less costly.
9, the two exhausted paper; Spetrometry replaced with a handkerchief.
10, the use of biodegradable, low use of cleaning products that reduce pollution of rivers and oceans.
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