Improve energy saving technology
Date Posted£º2007-4-9 14:06:53
Jiaozuo City, Henan Province Bureau of Quality Supervision, Jiaozuo City Quality Association recently held the 2006 QC (quality control) group results, 25 enterprises from the city¡¯s 38 Quality Management issued the results. QC results won 10 of the award. These QC results, which effectively raises the quality of products, improve production processes, save energy and reduce consumption, a record for enterprises reached 30 million yuan of direct economic returns. At present, the normal conduct of Jiaozuo City, a group of more than 500 QC. A total of 10,000 members of QCC activities in the city¡¯s industrial, transport, telecommunications, tourism and other sectors. QC group includes site-type issues, the research-and-management, innovation, covering research, production safety. Reducing erosion, technological innovation and other aspects of the industry, has not only created significant economic benefits, and further improve the quality and enhance the market competitiveness of the enterprises. Coking Coal Mine Group Co. coal preparation technology companies race on the QC group "to improve the rate of carbon blocks," results create cost-effective application of 2.162 million yuan in 2002; QCC coke Group Jiulishan the "lower end of smokeless coal washing water," by the technical progress, annual economic 2.588 million yuan.
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