How to minimize disruption home appliances
Date Posted£º2007-4-9 14:08:03
Now the family, color TV, stereo, air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators and other modern appliances everything, But some electrical between "combine unreasonable," and let them work together, the mutual interference will occur. How to minimize the disruption household appliance? Refrigerators and TV sets should be getting some conditions not take on the same room; If conditions do not permit the installation of refrigerators and television sets were also plugs. Neighboring households with a refrigerator and color TV not near the wall. Refrigerators and television sets shall be installed to protect their own devices or regulator, and two separate power cord. not in the same side of the wall. Television and stereo, loudspeaker to maintain a certain distance, not getting too close. with magnetic and acoustic recorders as a great speaker, and in the surrounding formation of a strong magnetic field. equipped with a color TV and the screen behind the steel grid, the long, strong magnetic field, will be magnetized. Color TV sets so uneven.
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