conventional air conditioning and air-conditioning
Date Posted£º2007-4-9 14:14:38
Continue to rely on traditional air conditioning compressors to "anchored" to adjust the room temperature. One man opened one-stop between room temperature easily, and consume more power. Frequency will depend on air-conditioning compressor speed to control the speed of the temperature, room temperature fluctuations small, less power consumption. greatly improved their comfort. Using Frequency AC variable frequency control technology, the system can automatically temperature heat, cooling and dehumidification operate. make room in a short period of time to reach the required temperature and the low-speed, low energy consumption under a smaller temperature fluctuations. achieving a rapid, comfortable temperature control and energy saving effect. Compared with traditional air conditioner inverter air conditioners speaking, have the following main characteristics : 1, a low starting current : it does not exist on the grid and starting current of the impact of the watt-hour meter, reducing the use of household electrical appliances are on the other indoor pulse interference effects. 2, the low temperature operation : good heating performance than traditional air conditioners. 3 : small fluctuations in temperature control is changed by changing the speed compressor power control temperature, avoid the traditional air-conditioner on / off operation of the control room could easily lead to large fluctuations in temperature. feel uncomfortable flaws. 4 : adaptive grid voltage compared to the traditional air conditioner, some mathematical work in a wide voltage range. Some even below 187V can also trouble-free. 5 : temperature control speed in a period of time to enable the maximum speed compressor is the largest power operation, So can quickly into the room temperature control range. AC power only to ordinary fixed operation. 6, compared to traditional energy : air conditioner will save 15-30% of electricity.
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