Eight grasp the details of energy-saving lamps
Date Postedㄩ2007-4-9 14:24:37

    Using the most energy-efficient lighting is fluorescent light. Its characteristics are high-efficiency, long life, good light color. - Straight into that ring, compact, and so how to choose energy-saving fluorescent lamps of his house, where he considers safe again? Experts interpret the selection of energy-saving lamps for the eight we need to pay attention to. 1. Preferred brand to buy energy-saving lights, to confirm the purchase of packaged products, signs complete. 八 八 2. Power to the attention of color foam, Most companies will be listed on the product packaging the event, the power and control of color bubble similar power. For example, "→ 75W 15W" signs, lights generally refers to the actual power of 15W. 75W lamps bubble may be issued with a similar event. 八 八 3. Energy efficiency labels. At present, the country has introduced energy efficiency standards for energy-saving lamps, will be able to reach the standards of efficiency labels This is the average life expectancy of more than 8000 hours or more efficient lighting products will be granted. 八 八 4. Warm, high-quality energy-saving lamps in the design and superb color technology for color-bright and comfortable. Users can express their personal preferences, choices and household lighting design match the color. 八 八 5. Buy energy-saving lamps, electronic ballasts have to consider the technical parameters. Ballast lighting products is the core components. Ballast key provisions of the state energy efficiency standards for energy efficiency and conservation values of limited value. 八 八 6. Appearance option. The myriad decorative lamps, the choice of the whole lamp, marking note of this, the best resistance to high temperature flame-retardant plastic-cased. 八 八 7. Energy-saving lamps to choose a bed of roses, not anxious to pay old-general shops will offer to consumers test lamp. payment before we try to ensure the normal operation of energy-saving lamps. 八 八 8. In energized lamp, it should be noted that whether the phosphor coating thickness and uniformity. This will have a direct impact on the normal lights lighting effects.
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