Fluorescent energy vanguard
Date Posted£º2007-4-9 14:26:50
Currently, Common household energy-saving fluorescent light straight major two-terminal (commonly known as "tubes") and compact fluorescent lamps (single-ended tube like incandescent lamp with a similar interface), with 5-7 times the brightness of incandescent lamp, and the life expectancy for 8000~10000 hours, the equivalent incandescent lamp 8-10 times. While each green lighting units higher than ordinary incandescent lamp, but if we take into account life expectancy, it is more or less. For example, a 40 watts incandescent lamp unit cost 1.5 yuan, with the brightness of the unit cost 24 yuan 8 watts of quality energy-saving lamps. However, the life expectancy of 8,000 hours of high-quality energy-saving lamps, incandescent lamp eight times. In other words, the use of one energy-saving lamps need eight hours incandescent lamp. It appears that energy-saving lamps only 12 yuan expensive than incandescent lamp. We then calculate tariffs. 40 watts incandescent lamp lit 60 hours (equivalent to six months of use) electricity spent 14.64 yuan; 8 watts electricity energy-saving lights brightened 600 hours spent 2.93 yuan, 11.71 yuan provincial energy-saving lamps than incandescent lamp. That is 8 watts in energy-saving lights brightened over 600 hours later, saving electricity is almost fully recovered, spent more than 12 yuan to buy incandescent lamp. And the energy-saving lamps in its entire lifetime of 8000 hours, nearly 150 yuan can save electricity.
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