Construction of new wall materials and energy, you
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Mistakes : a residential energy conservation, energy saving electricity 50%= half? Case : A few days ago, Mr. Zhang, who lives in Hankou District reflect a certain energy, in 2005. because they see the publicity advertisements for "energy-saving and environmentally friendly residential," spend their housing area with a nearly 30% higher than the price It bought the 135-square-meter area of energy saving housing. Residential housing sales staff said this was because the introduction of new wall materials to the 50% energy saving. Non-residential area with the energy savings can be more than 50% of electricity, which Mr Cheung publicity for the action center. However, six months later, sales personnel who do not have electricity in the reduction. Therefore, Chang feel fooled, does not seem to energy-saving, energy-saving house. Expert doubts : the city wall and building energy efficiency Tongmingde Chief Engineer¡¯s Office explained that the so-called energy-saving construction, Architecture is in the rational use and efficient use of energy, constantly improving the efficiency of energy use. It should include the construction of new energy-saving standards and the implementation of the Energy Saving Building has two aspects. His experience is a classic example of that indeed there have been many complaints of energy-saving house, pre-sale commitments, and the existence of such "impression" of the reasons is the energy saving effect on consumers of energy-saving building two misconceptions : first, Because of the increasingly high demand for building thermal comfort, energy-saving residential housing is the result of increase in the degree of comfort under the premise rational use of energy, increase energy efficiency. Energy 50%% data here is not the 20th century, the early 1980s, when the use of energy-saving materials. housing and energy consumption for reference. When residential use external insulation technology (polystyrene board, polystyrene particles mortar), the use of new wall materials. energy use, energy conservation, renewable energy systems and energy efficiency measures, in order to achieve energy 50%% requirements. Secondly, the energy is conditional. Make room in a comfortable condition, room temperature to 16-18 degrees Celsius in winter, summer room temperature of 26-28 degrees Celsius. In other words, the 50%% admitted to a residential energy conservation, the use of air-conditioning and heating. temperature control in this area will comfort can be achieved with non-residential energy, paid less per square meter 50% of the cost of heating and air conditioning. In other words, if Mr Cheung did not come home air conditioning or heating, refrigeration temperature is not within the scope of this comfortable, then 50% of the amount of savings is unattainable. Tongmingde also stressed that this is only a short-term energy saving of 50% energy. From a long-term perspective, energy-saving buildings to conserve energy and reduce oil, natural gas and gas combustion, reduce atmospheric carbon dioxide, nitrogen, sulfur and other pollution, not only can improve the quality of the living environment, but also can enhance the value of living. However, simply to 50% energy saving and 50% of electricity is equated obviously was not the case. Misunderstanding : two new wall materials of life are very far away from us? Miss hole intend this case : "May 1" marriage, a set of ideals being sought for the housing, in the past few months, Every weekend she and her husband would shuttle between various trading in Wuchang. However, in the face of making "environmental protection, energy conservation," the slogan of major projects, she was very confused. Many advertisements such as "new wall materials," "saving energy system" unfamiliar professional terms she felt as an ordinary house, it seems very far away from her life. Expert doubts : Tongmingde, is the role of wall materials used in construction and maintenance materials and outside, relative to the traditional wall material terms. First, the Wuhan city is the definition of new wall materials in addition to the solid clay brick outside wall materials. Now defined as, in addition to the outside wall materials used in the production of clay wall materials. In future, there may be those who are not city building energy efficiency standards, insulation, insulation, less effective noise and other materials taken out of the way, after the new wall materials will be constantly evolving. According to information provided by the Office of Urban Planning and Energy, in December 2005 the Ministry of Construction organized 10 inspection teams, Nationwide Building energy conservation has carried out checks. Among them, Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Hebei, Sichuan, Fujian, six provinces (municipalities), and Qingdao, Shenyang, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Yinchuan six other cities nationwide this work is carried out the better. From the city in 1997 has started to promote new wall materials, and 19 departments, provinces City affiliated research institutes engaged in research of new wall materials. Because of new wall materials to promote early intervention, I downtown. Zhuankou development zones and the Donghu development zone 98%% over usage amounts of new wall materials, Yuan City occupancy rate is about 87%, so it is no exaggeration to say that new wall materials in everyone¡¯s side. Misunderstanding 3 : Recycling and reuse of industrial wastes are harmful to health? Second case : a bedroom of her already spent the past six years, she wanted to recent home renovation. To expand the living area, she destroyed the wall, which heard two days of Castle Peak still sell the old red brick, She rushed there to buy a special trip. When asked why not choose energy-saving materials, she says, Most are worried about energy-saving materials in the production of industrial waste, certainly harmful to the human body. Tongmingde expert doubts that her concern : there is no need, Although most of the production of energy-saving materials are used from recycled industrial waste. But these materials products into the market, relevant departments will read the stringent test. A new wall materials for example, the discharge of industrial wastes into industrial production. Concrete road construction waste and other waste materials are damaged its main raw material, but Wuhan city from the beginning of 1995, and recycling of industrial wastes from the production of new materials for testing. Meanwhile, the state and cause harm to the human body to radium and other radioactive substances would also be strictly limited standards. At present, the city is industrial waste from the production of new wall materials are in line with the national standard, strict control in limited areas. Against some people because of the use of new wall materials and industrial wastes have special odor doubt, Tongmingde explained that the new wall materials Most of the raw materials are inorganic materials, it will not be as flooring. painting decoration materials, the body does not have is the smell.
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