Purchase of energy-saving lamps "three reminder."
Date Posted£º2007-4-9 14:29:06
Bought three energy-saving lamps remind Express -- This morning, the city CPC committee issued a special purchase energy-saving lamps "reminder." Shanghai CPC Committee reminded consumers to buy energy-saving lamps should be done : Before a purchase to see whether the energy-saving lamps with wall signs and other safety certification, manufacturers name, address, Telephone information is complete, the products is complete; Second, do not forget to buy when they want to, flashes started to buy at least, there are no roots of the red lamp, the lamp is not odor energy-saving lamps; equipped with flame-retardant plastic to buy three frames, lamp hooked uniform, Shell Electric Lamp Holder riveted firmly with the energy-saving lamps. Author : Xinhua sand intelligence WILSON
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