In fact, some energy-saving lamps product sampling
Date Posted£º2007-4-9 14:30:10
At energy saving lamps have electricity, the advantages of soft lighting, consumer deeply loved. However, the City Administration of Industry and Commerce recently released a product quality monitoring shows that the quality of energy-saving lamps on the market varies greatly. passing rate of less than 70%. To this end, the city recently released Consumer Protection Commission suggested that the purchase and use of the attention. City Industry and Commerce Bureau sampling of five series on the market 45 types of commodities, test results, 16 fail a failure rate of 35.6%. The main problem is that, with the lights Lamp Holder Shell riveting is not strong, safety is poor; Product life and energy indicators fail Life, and other energy-saving effect is not reached. Currently, illegal operators according to the Shanghai Municipal Administration of Industry has to deal with and ordered to stop selling the substandard goods. Shanghai CPC Committee reminded consumers to buy energy-saving lamps ago to see whether safety certification with wall signs Name of manufacturer, address, telephone and other information are complete, the integrity of the products; choose to go, Scintillation election started at least, there are no roots of the red lamp, the lamp is not odor energy-saving lamps; equipped with flame-retardant plastic to buy frames, lamp hooked uniform, Shell Electric Lamp Holder riveted firmly with the energy-saving lamps. In the process, not the attention of high temperature, high humidity environment for the use of energy-saving lamps; should not have dimmers installed energy-saving lights installed in the lampholders; energy-saving lamps appeared launch failure, not under their own power supply was not continuous demolition.
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