Can You Improve Your Artistic Eye?
Date Posted£º2007-5-17 11:05:56

Outdoor Photographer’s Dave Willis interviewed professional photographers Richard Hamilton Smith and William Neil recently and they all share their insights on expanding your sense of style.

It all starts with a good subject, according to Smith, and ¡°once you’ve selected your subject, it’s important to maintain the balance of the shot.¡±

Then there are composition rules that one needs to understand very well then break occasionally. ¡°For a person who’s just learning to make pictures, it’s fine to work with the rule of thirds, but don’t stop there,¡± he said.

For his part, Neil said ¡°editing is where all the learning takes place.¡± Practice by proofing your work, and crop where apt.

Finally he says experiment and go with your gut when taking photos. ¡°The best shots for me end up being a gut feeling,¡± Smith concludes.

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