Over 20 China LED companies showcasing at Opto Tai
Date Posted:2008-7-11 17:07:34

Over 20 China-based LED companies are participating in the Opto Taiwan 2008 optoelectronics show in Taipei.

””””Wu Ling, leader of the delegation of Chinese companies, stated that China has been a major production center for traditional lighting products. China has been focusing on the development of the semiconductor lighting industry and, as an important part of China`s energy conservation policy, aims to popularize the use of LEDs in general lighting, added Wu.

””””Wu pointed out that currently 67.5% of high-brightness LED chips used in China are still imported from overseas, but that the market share of China-made chips has grown from 5% in 2003 to 46% in 2007, with blue LEDs accounting for up to 66% of the shipments.

Publisher:China Conserves energy lamp net