Lighting & Light Furnishings Exhibition 2008
Date Posted:2008-7-16 15:37:21

The 7th China (Shanghai) International Lighting & Light Furnishings Exhibition 2008


Show Dates: December 3 - 5, 2008

Venue: Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center


Brand Expo with Good Prospects

China International Lighting & Light Furnishings Exhibition (CILE) is held annually in Shanghai since its inauguration in 2002. With the great supports of all levels of governments and the Organizing Committee’s careful organization, after its six years’ development, CILE has become one of the well-known professional brand exhibitions of the industry. In Asia, North America, Europe and other countries and areas, many enterprises regard CILE as an important platform for demonstrations and exchanges. The comprehension and specialization, regional and international perfect combination have made the expo become one of high-level brand exhibitions in China featuring largest scale, most attendees and international participation. Thus, it is in fact the first-choice platform for the Chinese and foreign enterprises of lights and lighting furnishings to showcase themselves, a large-scaled trade fair gathering international suppliers and buyers, and a prime place where professionals of the lighting industry meet together.

The 7th China (Shanghai) International Lighting & Light Furnishings Exhibition 2008 will be held at Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center in Shanghai on December 3-5, 2008, when all the world-famous enterprises will be presented and high-grade buyers at home and abroad will gather together. We are looking forward to your attendance to create brilliant achievements with you!



Approver: Shanghai Foreign Economic Relation & Trade Commission of Shanghai Municipal People’s Government

Sponsors: Shanghai Illuminating Engineering Society

China Building Materials Circulation Association

Shanghai International Advertising & Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Undertakers: Shanghai Kuozhan Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

Shanghai International Advertising & Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Co-organizers: Hong Kong Optoelectronics Association

American Lighting Association

South Korea Lighting Association

Taiwan Lighting Technology Industry Association

China Lighting Engineering Industry Association

Jiangsu Illumination Electric Appliance Trade Association

Website Supporters: China Lighting Network (

China Lighting Trade Network (

China Lighting Online (

China Lamps Network (

China City Illumination Network (

HC360 Network (

Media Supporters: Asia Channel Group, East Lighting, Lamps and Lighting, China Lighting, Lighting Market, City Lighting Information, Discover Sources, China Decorations News, International Illumination & Lights, Global Optoelectronics & Display



Registration & Move-in: December 1 -2, 2008        

Opening Ceremony: December 3, 2008 (9:30 – 10:00)

Show Time: December 3 -5, 2008           

Move-out: December 5, 2008 (p.m.)


Event Advantages

(1) Geographical advantage: Shanghai is the largest economic hub city of China and an international famous port city as well, having extremely important status in the economic development of China. Shanghai is located in the front of the Yangtze river delta, north bordering the Yangtze River, east to the East Sea, South to the Hangzhou Gulf, West to Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces. It lies in the middle of China’s mainland coastline, and Yangtze River’s entrance to the sea, with easily accessible traffic, wide hinterland, superior geographical position, so it is a good port of rivers and sea.

(2) Scale advantage: The exhibition has a total size of 22,000 square meters with over 1100 standard booths. As a professional gala event, the scale advantage of this exhibition is very obvious.

(3) Professional advantage: This exhibition will become one of major exhibitions of the lighting industry. Compared with the exhibitions of the same kind, it features outstanding theme and obvious professional advantage by taking lighting as a keynote to showcase all specialized technological accomplishments, advanced technologies and products. It has become a prime channel for the industry insiders to make business promotions and image publicity.

(4) Experience advantage: The exhibition undertaker, Shanghai Kuozhan Exhibition Service Co., Ltd., holds more than 10 professional international exhibitions at home and abroad every year. It keeps close ties with over 20 government departments at all levels, 30 professional associations and societies, 150 professional media, as well as international convention and exhibition organizations. During the exhibition, a large-scaled industry gala event gathering famous brands will appear in front of you.

(5) Structure advantage: This exhibition is approved by Shanghai Foreign Economic Relation & Trade Commission of Shanghai Municipal People’s Government, and co-organized by Shanghai Illuminating Engineering Society, China Building Materials Circulation Association, Shanghai International Advertising & Exhibition Co., Ltd. It is one of the professional and authoritative exhibitions supported by all relevant governmental authorities.


Audience Organization & Promotion

The Organizing Committee will invite decision-makers of relevant state ministries, provincial and municipal governments, street lighting management departments, municipality administration bureaus, construction research institutes, decoration companies, construction developers, distributors, landscape lighting companies, lighting procurement departments of hotels and shopping malls to the expo site for visit and negotiations.

600,000 admission tickets are to be printed and mailed through the domestic and overseas professional buyer database established by the Organizer to the professionals. Besides, official delegations, trading delegations, and expert groups will be organized by industrial associations and societies to pay visits and provide on-site guidance and exchanges. Admission tickets will also be distributed on the major industrial exhibitions nationwide to invite enterprises and professionals to participate in or visit the event. A full-ranged publicity and promotions will be conducted via media including TV stations, Xinmin Evening News, Jiefang Daily, Shanghai Morning Post, Youth Daily and World Times, etc. Meanwhile press releases and new product presentations will be launched before the exhibition to make news coverage of this exhibition.

On-the-spot promotions will be made in 172 decorative lighting cities nationwide, and monthly promotion day will be set up in 54 decorative lighting cities of Shanghai and adjacent areas. During the exhibition, interactive shuttle buses will be arranged from and to many decorative lighting cities. Interactive exchanges will be realized between visitors, purchasers and exhibitors. The designated business travel agencies will organize buyer groups from Southeast Asia, European, America and Middle East to pay visits and conduct business talks.


Scope of Exhibits

Illuminating Source Products Pavilion: New types of lamp bulbs, halide tungsten lamp bulbs (including single-ended, dual-ended, and reflection-type); fluorescence lamps (including straight tubes, ring tubes, compact tubes, and profile tubes, etc.); high-intensity discharge lamps, (high pressure sodium lamps, and metal halide lamps, etc.); various radiation illuminating sources (infrared and ultraviolet, etc.); high-frequency non-polar lamps; neon lamps; light-emitting diodes (LED); various signal lamps for traffic and transportation;

Lights & Light Furnishings Pavilion: Flashlights, LED flashlights, household lights, architecture lights, mining lights, solar energy lamps, spot lamps, interior lamps, air-purification lights and friendly environment lights, public lamps, embedded lamps, marine fluorescence lights, marine explosion-proof lamps, road lamps, special automotive sign lamps, explosion-proof lamps, underwater illuminating lamps, and emergency lamps;

LED Pavilion: LED data display boards, outdoor full-color LED display screens, bar-style unit-plate display screens, digital display screens, dual-color display screens, display modules, electronic displays, outdoor display screens, lighting led, full-color display screens, automobile monitors, full-color ad screens, full-color LED display screens, LED display products, LED auto lamps, LED electronic display screens, electronic display screens, display screen systems, outdoor ads, touch screens, control systems, LED lamps, LED traffic signal lamps, light furnishings, module, and LED display screens;

Professional Lighting & Auxiliary Equipment Pavilion (for neon, stage, movie, and TV lighting): Light adjustment and control equipment, and light controllers (light control, sound control, infrared sensors, and light control panels);

Illuminating Electrical Appliances & Accessories Pavilion: A variety of switches, electric wires, cables, relays, amperites, triggers, transformers, insulating materials, electronic elements, lamp holders and lamp sockets, etc;

Illuminating Electrical Appliance Materials Pavilion: Phosphor powder, electronic powder, quartz capsules, glass tubes, electrode materials, tungsten wires, and other metal wiring materials;  

Outdoor Illumination Pavilion: Outside/street illumination, construction illumination, commercial illumination, project illumination, stadium illumination, garden and public illumination, explosion-proof, industrial and mining illumination, etc.;

Inspection & Measuring Equipment Pavilion: Instruments and equipment for inspecting and measuring illuminating electrical appliances;

Products Verification, Publications and Media Pavilion.


Participation Fees

(Note: A 20 % surcharge will be levied for reservation of booths with 2 facades.)

Booth Type

Area A

Area B

Overseas Enterprises

Standard Booth

RMB 11800/9sq. m.

RMB10800/9sq. m.


Standard Booth (Min.36m2)

RMB 1200/ sq. m.

RMB 1100/ sq. m.

USD380/ sq. m.

Each standard booth consists of 3-sided partitions (3m/L x 3m/W x 2.5m/H), bilingual fascia board with company name, 1 power socket (no more than 500W), 2 fluorescent lamps, 1 information table, 2 folding chairs, carpet and wastepaper basket, etc.

The raw space consists of a show area, carpet, security and booth cleaning service.

Exhibition service fee: Each attendee is charged RMB500 yuan for exhibition material, exhibitor’s badge, lunches and souvenirs, etc.


Show Catalogue & Other Ads

The specification of the Show Catalogue is 210mm × 285mm. Please send the film or design layout to the Organizing Committee before November 1, 2008.

Front cover

RMB 25000

Back cover

RMB 20000

Inside front

RMB 15000

Inside back

RMB 10000

Fly page

RMB 12000

Colored full page

RMB 6000


full page RMB 3000

Full text page

RMB 2000


RMB 2000/Day


RMB 1000 /Day


RMB 2000/ Expo

Letters of invitation RMB10000/30,000 pcs.


Participation Procedures:

① The exhibitor determines the show area and selects the booths.

② Fill in the Application Form & Agreement before signing and stamping the form. Then submit the completed form by fax or post to the Organizing Committee.

③ The exhibitor shall remit the participation fees in 50% as down payment or in full to the bank account of the Organizing Committee with 7 working days after determining the booths. Otherwise, the Organizing Committee will not keep the reserved booths. The balance of payment shall be remitted before November 1, 2008.

④ Without the prior consent of the Organizing Committee, the exhibitors shall not withdraw the participation application. The down payment shall not be refunded.

⑤ The Organizing Committee will send the Exhibitor’s Manual to exhibitors one month before the exhibition.

⑥ The exhibitor’s company profile will be published in the Show Catalogue (within 200 words) free of charge.


High-level Industry Seminars

²        During the exhibition, the Organizing Committee will arrange for many sessions of technical seminars to conduct technological and trading exchanges, product promotion and presentations, explore important topics relevant to the expo. All enterprises can make applications to host their seminars. They must select their own topics and submit them to the Organizing Committee with the Application Form & Agreement for the purpose of earlier arrangement of seminar location and equipment, and the organization of professional audience.

²        Equipment provided: Conference room, tables and chairs, 1 projector, 2 microphones, 1 screen.


Secretariat Office of the Organizing Committee:

Add: Rm. 904, Yinxing Building, No. 2, Lane 51, Longcao Road, Shanghai, 200235, P. R. China

Tel: +86-21-64363606, 54485496, 4008100100 ext. Shanghai Lighting Expo

Fax: +86-21-54976528



Contact Person;:xukai13641985463                                                  



The 7th China (Shanghai) International Lighting & Light Furnishings

Exhibition 2008

Time: December 3 - 5, 2008   Venue: Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center

Application Form/Contract

Name of Applicant








Post Code:

Legal Representative


Person in Charge:





Main Products


Rental Items:

■ Standard Booth:      m ×     m =      m2  Booth No.:         / Fee:                

■ Indoor Raw Space:      m ×     m =       m2  Booth No.:           / Fee           

■ Technical Seminar:                      session(s) / Fee:                   

■ Pages of Expo Catalogue:                      / Publication Fee:                 

■ Others:                    / Fee                   


Letters:                               Number)¥

Remittance Date

The fees herein shall be remitted on         (M) _____(D)       (Y).


Shanghai Kuozhan Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

Beneficiary’s Bank

China Construction Bank Shanghai Branch Longcao Road Sub-branch

Account No.



1.       Publishing 200-character/word content of exhibits and company profile in the Show Catalogue free of charge.

2.       The allocation of booths is based on the principle of first-come-first-served in terms of application and payment. 

3.  Participation fees shall be remitted in full or 50% to the designated bank account within 7 working days after application. The balance of the payment shall be settled before November 1, 2008.

4.       In order to comply with the overall arrangement, the undertaker has the right to make some adjustment to some booths when necessary.

5.       No booth fee shall be refunded unless the application is not accepted by the Organizing Committee.

6.       Exhibitors who need water, motor power, and compressed air for demonstration shall submit their applications one month in advance.

Secretariat Office of the Organizing Committee:

Add: Rm. 904, Yinxing Building, No. 2, Lane 51, Longcao Road, Shanghai, 200235, P. R. China

Tel: +86-21-64363606, 54485496

Fax: +86-21-54976528

Contact Person: xukai13641985463

Applicant (Official Seal):



Person in Charge (Signature):



Date (D/M/Y):



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