LED lamps on the United States to carry out a one-
Date Posted:2008-9-26 16:45:51
Minneapolis, Minnesota, the United States near the city of Brooklyn Park 9 LED lamps will be acceptable to the central and western regions of the United States electricity service provider XcelEnergy one-year test, this is the first time in the companys LED product testing in the vicinity of residential areas. The high-street 26 feet from RelumeTechnologies manufacturing company.

     XcelEnergy said the pilot scheme as part of the LED lamps will be for one year of tests to observe in a variety of weather conditions. In addition, the LED lamps will also be testing the light output and clarity. XcelEnergy also plans to collect public views on the new type of LED lamps.

     XcelEnergy that, LED is the future development direction. LED as a new technology, there are a lot of advantages, including energy conservation, there is no light pollution. Test is a very important part of the public to understand the extent of like the LED.
Publisher:China Conserves energy lamp net