Chinas light industrial use of rare earth phospho
Date Posted:2008-9-26 16:47:19
In 2007, with light rare earth phosphor production of more than 6000 tons, more than the 2006 growth; standard varieties growing continuously improve quality, has been part of the import substitution; Jiangmen Branch Heng Industrial Co., Ltd. production for 5 consecutive years ranked first in the country Chinas light industrial use of rare earth phosphor after 30 years of wind and rain Lian Li, from nothing, from small to large, hit a leaping development in preparation techniques, refining techniques, varieties of specifications, production quality, achieved So proud of the achievements of the industry.
     Production increase year after year to form groups from Chinas advantage in the 1980s began with light rare earth phosphor of the three primary colors to develop and produce. Production from 1.2 tons in 1986 to 2007, exciting more than 6000 tons, the output of 2006 greater than the growth of global accounts for about 70%.

     At present, China has not only become the worlds largest rare earth phosphor lamp producer, is also the largest exporter; due to the use of rare earth phosphor light of the rapid industrial development, and help push Chinas fluorescent lamp manufacturing industry, China has become the worlds largest fluorescent Manufacturing and exporting country, exports accounted for more than 90% of the world.

     In 2006, Chinas exports of fluorescent 1,960,000,000, of which compact fluorescent lamp to 1,700,000,000, with the use of light rare earth phosphor trichromatic more than 3,000 tons. Exports mainly to low-2700K color temperature, the use of rare earth oxides, about 2,000 tons, exports amounted to 1,580,000,000 U.S. dollars. In 2006 Chinas import and export of rare earth lamp trichromatic about 260 tons each phosphor.

     After 30 years of development, China has formed a group of ultra-yield 100 tons of phosphor production enterprises, such as Jiangmen Branch Heng, Xianyang Rainbow, Hangzhou Daming, Changshu Jiangnan, Jingjiang-day color, light country Quzhou, Zhejiang Sunshine, the new Wuxi and Shanghai-wai Yuelong, these enterprises produce a full range of phosphors, each with its own characteristics, to meet the rapidly growing market with special fluorescent phosphors market demand, China is expected to phosphor production in 2008 will continue to increase.

     Significant progress in science and technology constantly improve our quality of the early 1980s began to develop light industry with rare-earth phosphor, Yuelong by the Shanghai Chemical Industry Company to form large-scale production. After 30 years of efforts, with light rare earth phosphor of the variety, quality continued to show significant growth in R & D and production of light rare earth with three primary colors, multiple copies of the whole spectrum of rare earth phosphor and produce high efficiency, high color, true color Energy-saving fluorescent lamps.

     Rare Earth trichromatic ordinary halogen lamps made of calcium phosphate ordinary fluorescent phosphors, with the following characteristics: light-emitting efficiency up to 90-100lm / W; saving 30% to 50%; soft light color; color temperature range of 2200 -7000K; color-rendering index Ra of 80 or more; low-light failure, long-lived (6000 to 20,000 hours).

     At present, China phosphor used in the preparation process is high-temperature solid-state reaction method. In the high-temperature solid-state reaction in the temperature of the light-emitting phosphors on the nature of the physical and chemical characteristics, especially on the brightness has an important impact, when the temperature gradually increased, gradually increase the brightness of the powder, but the temperature is too high would lead to hardening powders, tablets Large degree, have a direct bearing on the central powder particle size, size distribution and physical and chemical characteristics of the pros and cons. In recent years, China has developed a furnace business environment with energy-saving intelligent control of the plate with two holes up the tunnel furnace and roller furnace, basically solved the crystal growth of qualitative and quantitative issues. Intelligent, confined, large-scale, clean production and healthy development of the industry is a phosphor direction.

     In the light of more than 30 rare-earth phosphor used in manufacturing enterprises, Jiangmen Branch Heng Industrial Co., Ltd. as a dark horse come to the fore. From 2003 the company became the largest rare-earth trichromatic phosphor production enterprises in production, quality, variety specifications, patents and standards in such areas, has been a leader in the industry.
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