Myanmar to light a lamp before selling Chinese lan
Date Posted:2008-9-26 16:48:35
Oct. 13-15 is the lighting section of Myanmar (Thadingyut). As Myanmars traditional festival, the Lantern Festival marks the end of the Myanmar Buddhist holy month of Ramadan, but also indicates that the rainy season is about to end. At that time, people decorated with colorful lights to celebrate the arrival of the holiday.
     Despite the distance light a lamp festival will take some time, but good at seizing new opportunities to expand their businesses are already selling ahead of a wide variety of paper lanterns and toys, sales gratifying situation.

     On the market, the China-made lanterns Myanmar accounted for a large share. However, the production of Chinese lanterns because of the new style, durable, quality, the same has been welcomed by the general public. Chinese paper lanterns full range of products, priced at 150 kyat to 10,000 kyat (about 1,000 kyat 6 yuan), the most popular, or those made of fruit, animal figures or shapes, lit from the inside Lanterns, priced at 1,600 kyat to 1,900 kyat. It is understood that the rich buy lanterns at the first choice of Chinese products.
Publisher:China Conserves energy lamp net