Singapore took place in the car - F1 First Night
Date Posted:2008-9-26 16:50:11


Straight final testing

F1s first night-time street race held in Singapore today, drivers in todays 19:00 on the first day of practice on race cars will be able to finally open the Singapore Marina Bay streets, heading for the night.

4 m at a lighting

One focus: F1 driver does not match the experience of the night, F1 racing is no lights. In fact, the high-speed driving at night because of poor sight, very prone to accidents. For example, part of the driver Heikki Kovalainen took part in sports car racing in the room at night, but the Singapore station complex track, the two are not comparable. If the street with street lighting, trees, buildings and the car will not be able to avoid the shadow, the drivers eyes and fatigue easily.

SMS: In order to ensure the safety of drivers, Singapore Organizing Committee through the station tender, the introduction of an Italian professional lighting design company. Up in the two sets of options, the selection of resettlement on both sides of the track in a similar concert of the kind of steel and aluminum framework, in the framework of the resettlement of 4 meters at the lights and cameras broadcast. Steel barrier at the track, the two were part of the base box device to control 8 lights all around on both sides of 4. Lighting one every 4 meters, the lights can be an electronic system to change the lighting angle, to achieve zero blind spots.

In order to be able to accurately tell where the driver is a track where track is part of the outside to avoid the accident, track lights to areas outside the high-game Road 100 lumens, the brighter. All the lights are a special source of electric power system through the 12 generating units to provide on-site to avoid potential blackouts.

Counterclockwise to avoid water

Three focus: each time the speed of fast turns, drivers have to bear the greatest reach of several G-gravity, so a long period of training, so thats a very well-developed neck muscles, and the track is the most forward clockwise, the right side of the bend more , Drivers are more solid on the right side of the neck muscles. However, Singapore is the worlds station one of the few anti-clockwise track, the driver who may find adapting.

SMS: The Singapore Land Transport Authority Director, Professor Chan said the Road-to-deposit, the reason why this arrangement is possible because the track selection by the Marina Bay tourist area of a combination of several highways, high-speed 300 km per hour and turn the big end of the straight are In the seaside. 10,000 afraid not afraid of the event, in order to avoid racing out of control to 300 kilometers per hour into the sea, the organizing committee to adopt a special anti-clockwise forward, this program has been the FIA and F1s management recognized. At the same time, interestingly, only Singapore, Brazil and Turkey Grand Prix to adopt anti-clockwise forward. Brazil and Turkey stand comprehensive results, Massa of Ferrari and Raikkonen to adapt to a more anti-clockwise circuit, it is dangerous to the Hamilton!

E-yellow screen play

Second, focus: competition semaphore in the car very key to the front without major incident, because if the driver can not see the light and the halo on track to produce the semaphores, will be on the fast speed rear-end accident occurred. In the Organizing Committee for the night race test, the driver did not clear the track is likely to produce the color of the flag.

SMS: Singapore station, the organizing committee developed a system to track every 300 meters on the track next to the establishment of an electronic screen, the electronic screen in a variety of colors of the flag play. Pass the test, the driver can easily see the play of color is what the banner. Known as the classic black-and-white checked flag will not be replaced, the red car line, will make every effort to check the flag waving, shows that the birth of a new hero.

The most beautiful and most exciting track

Five focus: Singapore track points race at night is to choose a simple road terrain into a track. In fact, Singapore stands to stimulate the track too, is not only a bridge, and tunnel, but also a large straight 90-degree bend immediately, indirectly increase the probability of accidents.

SMS: Singapore 2006 Organizing Committees bid on track will be identified in the tourist area of the Marina Bay is envisaged that in their view, this track will be games and video game fans in to see the dream the same track It would be a visual feast. We stopped to see the full luxury yacht docks, the old Anderson Bridge, St Andrews Road and the Avenue of La Force, also along the worlds tallest Ferris wheel!

For the driver to change the practice time

Six focus: the high cost of litigation, F1 teams canceled each respective bases in Europe to test track at night. Combined with practice is carried out during the day, they first will debut in Saturday nights final practice before qualifying, the driver left to adapt to the night race too little time!

SMS: Singapores sunset time in about 19 oclock or so, in order to increase the driver time to adapt to the night race, Singapore and the organizing committee to amend the FIA race practice time, the two Friday practice from 15:30 to start Changed to 7:00 p.m. beginning of the end of 23:00, Saturdays final practice game has changed in the 19 oclock start.

Fluorescent water-proof tires and glasses

Four focus: the night race driver with the audience can not see what the tire. According to weather forecasts, Singapore has begun to rain Wednesday, the probability of rain over the weekend that 50% of the night fighting for rain, light, through the slippery ground launched into the eyes of the driver, the driver and a helmet because the realization of fuzzy rain, the greater the danger.

SMS: In addition to the organizing committee, team and suppliers have also come up with countermeasures to adapt to the night game. Bridgestones tire supplier for the track to provide a super-soft dry weather tires and extreme heavy rain have increased fetal reflective coating, so that track on-site and television viewers can use the driver which tire At a glance. In order to deal with rain, the team is also equipped with a special coating applied goggles, and avoid the rain in the goggles stay on. As for the rain, light reflex may be the drivers eyes, the organizing committee, said after the test many times, light rain will not create too many games. As for the storm, other track in the event this happens, the safety car will be sent out, there was nothing to worry about.
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