Sheng da 20% of the low-cost listing of LED fluorescent tube
Date Posted:2009-12-7 8:48:17


On 18th,November,2009,SUNDOPT has recommended a new series of LED T8 tubes,which including six models and prices are lower 20% than similar products .The new LED tubes use built-in driver and can directly replace the conventional influorescent lamp. SUNDOPT announced that New LED tubes could reached the anvanced level in domestic market with luminous efficiency 80lm/Wthe debut will be in the end of November.



SUNDOPT states that the new LED tubes will make use of special heat-dissipation technology. Due to lower temperature ,the luminous efficiency will be improved and energy use rate will be added, also it adopts special technique in structure and design in order to get the heat output easily .


One LED tube with 12 watts can emit brightness which  influorescente lamp with 40 watts creats, It means that every 1000 tubes can save the electricty cost over 102200 RMB, the new tube’ spanlife is 30000 hours , no need any change or maintence. 



                    Secret of the SUNDOPT LED tube



Lower price doesn’t mean that LED tube can  abandon  the advantage of low power consumption, long spanlife etc , the products need higher heat out capacity to be established on the competitive market .




With low IR percentage of the emitting lights in LED tube ,the irradiated parts will heat up much more slowly than influorescent lamp ,but the heat output is a must due to the  heating up itself . if exceed the rated temperature of the LED chips , the luminous efficiency will be down ,also the spanlife wil be short .

SUNDOPT states that:  the new released tubes keep the LED SMD temperature steady through tightly connection between SMD and tube as well as thermoresistance reduction, moreover they make the current accurate to the degree of one in a thousand by combination of parallel connection and in series for constant current and longer life use.


The SUNDOPT’s products gain higher luminous efficiency and great colour rendering index(CRI) , no need to bring down the CRI for improving luminous flux .


The LED tube’s comprehensive efficiency ,luminous efficiency and prices will be the key factors for competitors , so besides those aboved , CRI  will crucially affect the differentiation and there will be great demand on the fluophor with high luminous efficiency and CRI in the market.

Publisher:China Conserves energy lamp net
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