• Induction lamps-Factory lighting GC500W
  • Unit Price:
  • Unit:5000 set
  • Supply ability:
  • Place of origin:changzhou
  • UpDate:2013-2-26
  • Product details
    Lamp Description:
    Protection grade:  IP44
    Wearing light source: the new 21st century energy saving and environmental protection Electrodeless light source, 50W ~ 165W
    Rated voltage and frequency: 220V ± 10% / 50Hz
    Installation: Install a simple , Demolition of convenience, the application scope.
    The application of high: 6m-15m

    Lighting structural characteristics:
    ¡ñ lamps electrical boxes for casting aluminum shell, surface spray treatment, the structure of lightweight, strong.
    ¡ñ imported aluminum lamp shade new ionization technology, high efficiency up to 90%.
    ¡ñ Thermal structure tensile aluminum profiles to ensure that the flux of high-output and reduce the reflection coefficient of attenuation.
    ¡ñAccording to customer demand matching tempered glass or PC enclosures, , silicone rubber seal configuration to improve the effect of dust.

    The application of Place:
    ¡ñ industrial plants, stadiums, commercial establishments or other tall plant lighting.

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