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  • LED downlight downlight
  • Unit Price:10
  • Unit:100000
  • Supply ability:
  • Place of origin:
  • UpDate:2013-8-18
  • Product details
    1. high luminous efficiency; maintain the overall unity of architectural decoration and perfect, without damaging the lamp set, light source hidden architectural decoration, light is not exposed, no glare, soft human visual effects 2. less power consumption, LED energy-saving effect is well known. 3. long life can withstand high mechanical shock and vibration, and not easy to break. Single LED average life up to 100,000 hours. LED ceiling light, down light normal use the General life span of around 5-10, could significantly reduce lighting maintenance costs, avoid frequent changes of light in that country. 4. Security reliability and high-use: apply to shopping malls, boutiques, furniture, clothing stores, exhibition halls, galleries and so on each kind of advanced commercial lighting situation. Business Miss CHAN: 0760-22321336.
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