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  • LED tunnel light
  • Unit Price:10
  • Unit:100000
  • Supply ability:
  • Place of origin:
  • UpDate:2013-8-7
  • Product details
    Die-cast aluminum lamp body, appearance simple, generous, easy using; can according to need adjustment voted light angle, make of reached best voted light effect; used high power 1W (3W) LED as light source, replaced traditional type bulb, has energy-saving, environmental, features; can do 1W and 3W two kind of specifications, also can do various monochrome, white, red, green, yellow, blue, purple; Qian open type replaced light source, maintenance easy; dust waterproof level up to IP65; the products broad for buildings local lighting, and bridge, and advertising cards , Partial lighting, such as shopping malls, clothing store places. Technical parameters: (1WLED) • input voltage: AC24V/110V/220V; number led lamp: 2-5; flux: 80-120LM/PCS (the white light shall prevail) business to discuss Miss CHAN: 0760-22321336.
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